Finalists of the Smart Society app challenge!

We are happy to announce that we have been selected for the final round of the FI-WARE challenge in the field of Smart Society applications. FI-WARE is an open, cloud-based infrastructure focused mainly in the development of Future Internet (FI) applications. This initiative is funded by a European Commission (EC) program that includes Smart Cities, Smart Energy, or E-Health projects among others. The idea of the European agencies is the design and development of a technological environment in which Companies and Public Administrations would connect to innovators, while developers and entrepreneurs would accelerate their ideas.

Following this line, currently there are interesting pilot projects like the SMARTAGRIFOOD project, which aims to shift to a bio-based economy with the advantage of FI applications in agriculture. Probably one of the most important things of these EC programs is that they are focused in the small and medium enterprises (SMEs). They really want that SMEs become the core participants in the advance of the european societies. Thus, there are specific calls for SMEs to be funded in these areas. In June, there was presented the third open call for SMEs with a 80M € budget in several fields like Health, Transport, Energy or Environment.

Other approach that is being used in this program is the early detection of innovative entrepreneurs that are able to generate advances in related FI areas. This is the idea behind the FI-WARE challenge in the field of Smart Society applications, that tries to award disruptive innovations with a clear benefit to the society. In the first round, they select the twenty best ideas (from 300 participants); then, the selected people will generate a prototype of their applications, which will be presented and evaluated at the final round of the Challenge. We have been selected for this final round thanks to the OURSKIN application, a Personalized Medicine approach in Dermatology that tries to improve the prevention of skin conditions thanks to FI technologies. Congratulations to the other finalists, we are looking forward to meet them in the final round!

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