Looking for partners (Eurostars programme)

Eurostars programme is a joint effort between Eureka (an organization promoting R&D in the european countries) and the European Union (EU 7th FP). Eurostars focuses in the R&D-performing SMEs (Small- and Medium- Enterprises).

The target consists in that SMEs will be able to lead international consortia and to develop novel innovative products in different areas of knowledge (from biomedicine to agriculture, energy...). It also allows the presence of Research Centers and Universities in the consortia, promoting the (sometimes difficult) interaction between SMEs and these institutions.

Basic criteria that a Eurostars consortium must fulfill are:
1.- Led by a R&D-performing SME.
2.- International consortium (at least two european countries; other non-european countries could also participate).
3.- Any participant or country must not generate more than 75% of the project costs.
4.- Maximum duration of 36 months.

On average, a Eurostars project has got a 30 months duration, with 3-4 participants in 2-3 countries, with a total cost of 1.4M €. Next deadline for Eurostars projects is April 4th. In its webpage you can study the details of the current application.

From IxioLabs we are very interested in leading or joining an existing consortium. We are actively looking for partners that could apply to these projects, not only SMEs but also University/Research Centers labs, in different areas like Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biomaterials, Tecnology or Agro- and Food Sciences.

Our research topics include dermatology and cosmetics, personalized medicine, genomics and bioinformatics, intelligent drug delivery and natural products.

Our idea is to recruit potential partners interested in a new consortium (deadline, March 1st), and then to try to design in a collaborative process a scientific project (in our common areas of interest) that competes for Eurostars funding.

Potential partners (or participants in another consortium thinking that IxioLabs could add positive value), please contact us through acroman@ixiolabs.com.

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